Investment Process

Our investment process is designed to be efficient, transparent, and founder-friendly.

Our process starts with a simple call

The first step of our process is to get to know your business through your eyes. These conversations help us understand your motivations, experiences, and perspective on the world, which we believe are the building blocks of founder-market fit.

Initial Founder Call

We share a list of outstanding questions with your team

After we get an understanding of where you're trying to take the business, we dig into the data. We want to understand where you are today, where you're going, and what are the potential roadblocks on your path to success. We may ask you for your financials, review early user data, and become early beta testers of your product.

Internal Due Diligence

We speak with prospective buyers to understand their pain

We invest in companies that solve a true, agonizing pain point for buyers. We love when we see such radical product-market fit that users ignore all switching costs. We make sure we go directly to the source to understand how your business fits into the market landscape.

User Interviews, Expert Calls, and Introductions to Prospects

We reconnect to ensure moral alignment and finalize terms

Once we understand your vision, your product, and your user, we can determine if Moralis can be a true value-add partner to your business. If our perspectives and morals are aligned, we'll extend an offer and work with you to finalize the terms.

Offer Presented

We wire our commitment within three business days

Once you receive our capital, it's time to get to work. We work to onboard you with our Ops-as-a-Service team, so they can help with the more mundane tasks of entrepreneurship while you focus on bigger picture activities.

We get started!