We are committed to supporting founders as they build towards a better future.

Our firm is rooted in three key principles

Founders are the true champions of the startup ecosystem. It's our job as investors to support their success in any way that we can. We focus on developing deep, long-term partnerships with our entrepreneurs based on the following beliefs:

(1) Morality is the foundation of business.

A reputation is built behind closed doors, and morals are what guide your decisions when no one is watching. We look to partner with founders that share in this perspective and operate with the highest degree of integrity in both business and life.

(2) Capital is a commodity; relationships are not.

Any investor can provide capital, but few provide a first-call relationship. We believe that it is our duty to hold you accountable, challenge your thinking, and serve as an unmatched resource through the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial journey. We aim to be not only an investor, but also a trusted confidant.

(3) Respect is earned through action.

Our belief is that words provide little value if not backed by action. This is why we commit a meaningful portion of our time to performing executional work for our portfolio companies. We, much like our founders, focus with a relentless obsession on delivering tangible value to our partners.

We bring a new approach to venture investing

We invest at the Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A stages, with a focus on delivering 10x the value of other investors. We have a moral obligation to support founders, and we don't shy away from rolling up our sleeves.


Time is a founder's most important asset, which is why we help our founders tackle all of the little projects that eat into their day-to-day. Our dedicated team of operators will roll up its sleeves and help you recruit talent, identify prospective customers, manage your finances, and operationalize best practices. We don't believe in simply pointing you in the right direction. We are here to help you execute, day in and day out.

Expert Network

Our team is committed to connecting founders with the experts that they to succeed. This is why we've built a network that spans thousands of startup and F500 professionals, uniquely positioned to serve as customers, advisors, or angel investors in your business. We spend time scoping out the specific needs of each portfolio company and connecting our founders with the experts that are best suited to help them scale.