JT Kolke

BizOps Associate, Investor


Prior to joining Moralis, JT was a Summer Analyst for PeakSpan Capital where he discovered his passion for B2B SaaS. Working with companies within the e-commerce and FinTech sectors, JT was able to get hands-on experience with the investment deal process and became further interested in working in the venture capital industry.

JT currently leads the lecture series of Scottie Ventures, an experiential venture organization out of Carnegie Mellon University, where he teaches students the foundations of venture capital. He has also served as the VP of Education and Recruitment with Scottie Ventures.

JT is a rising junior at Carnegie Mellon University where he is studying Finance and Accounting at the Tepper School of Business. He currently is a varsity football player and is also involved in several other on-campus organizations.

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