Saneel Sreeni



Saneel Sreeni is an Investor at Moralis Capital, and a student at the University of California, Berkeley studying engineering and business administration in the Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology program.

Outside of Moralis, Saneel is a part of many entrepreneurial initiatives. On the investment side, Saneel evaluates companies for Contrary Capital and Free Ventures, while simultaneously serving as a Fellow for the Kairos Society. On the technology side, Saneel serves as a developer for Blockchain @Berkeley and a Fellow with the Blockchain Xcelerator.

Prior to these positions, Saneel worked at a seed-staged defense tech startup called Easy Aerial doing a mix of engineering and operations, helped lead Starts With Soap, a non-profit backed by the Coca-Cola Foundation, and did genetics research at Rutgers University. He is also working as a Data Scientist Intern at Lineage Logistics, where he is exploring the challenges associated with cold supply chains and the logistics space at large.

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